Building or renovating your home?

Our Services

Services we provide:

  • New designs - Unique one-off house design, shed/garage design, etc.

  • Additions, alterations and renovations - practical solutions, thinking 'outside-the-box'.

  • Kitchen design for new or existing homes.

  • Light commercial design – Motels, restaurants, catteries/dog kennels, etc.

  • Site inspections.

  • Landscaping ideas and advice.


" We won’t just give you a set of plans and leave you to figure the rest of the process out by yourself "


What our services can include:

  • Site investigation (we can even help in site suitability before you make the purchase) – visit your site and prepare a concept sketch to maximise orientation for the sun, views, drive access and protection from prevailing winds. 

  • Prepare and provide 3D perspective views to help you visualise your project.

  • Provide very clear and detailed plan documentation for Council which also enables accurate pricing and understanding for all trades involved.

  •  Liaise with Council for all Building and Land Use applications, on your behalf.

  • Provide likely cost estimates and building time frames.

  • Recommend skilled conscientious contractors and sub-contractors for your project. 

  • Provide assistance with material pricing and purchases.

  • Kitchen design – Provide kitchen design complete with 3D perspective views which compliments your home.


If what you're looking for is not listed above please contact us anyway, we still might be able to help!!